30 December 2015

I'm writing stuff

I swear I am. I think the last three years of this site have seen more posts about how I need to write or am writing than actual content. So yeah, soz. But I swear, I am writing stuff. I want to do an albums of 2015 post (even if I have only really been listening to Def Leppard and Iron Maiden, from this year). but before I do, I have some catching up to do. My last "albums of..." was 2010, so I need to get that backlog cleared; I want this tag to be chronologically logical. So yeah, watch out for 2011 and 2012, pretty imminently.

I promise...

27 January 2015

I need to bloody write something! But you knew that anyway. So, when I tested the iPad app, a post or so ago, the photo of course failed to upload. I have stuff to say, and I do actually have the occasional thought. Bu, judging by this blog, you'd think I'm vacant, psychologically desolate. And maybe I am. But I do have things to say.

So I'm going to put my thoughts here, instead of talking to friends, colleagues, strangers and junk. I don't think any of those people really listen, let alone remember, my bombs of knowledge as they drop remorselessly from the fighter jet that is my... I don't know where I'm going with that. Anyway, I can log things here for posterity! Like everyone else on the internet does with their poxy blog. So there you go.
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