18 December 2014

Testing the iPad

I know my earlier post from around two years ago - Testing the Sexus - didn't result in a feast of portable writing, so I make no promises or grand ambitions about writing now I have an iPad. It was partly because my Nexus 7 broke a few short months into our lives together, and I didn't actually get around to replacing it for the best part of a year. And then whatever Android update it was slowed the thing down when I finally did get it fixed, so it wasn't amazingly user friendly. But it was also because I am more than a little lazy, so I just didn't write much on any device. I think I did three posts this year? Including this one. 

So yeah. 

I will report that typing on this thing (iPad Air 2, gold, 128GB, fellow dorks) is actually surpassingly nice. Having both Android phone and tablet, I've got used to swyping movements rather than pecking, but I can write at a decent rate with two hands on this thing, so it's not too bad. I hope not, anyway, but I've not gone back to check whether the keyboard has suggested any bizarre words. I just spotted "pavement" instead of "movement", for instance. 

Can I add a pic? Is that reasonably practical? For reference, I'll go with a panorama of my new favourite bar, the New Conservatory, if it works. I love the look and feel of that place. No idea how I'll handle links, or tags. Eh. 

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