05 January 2009

What blogs?

In my line of work, I often get asked (well, once. By Lea the other day): 'what blogs are good, throughsilver?' Of course I point them to mine, but who doesn't read it already? Exactly. Otherwise, I don't know. Woebot's has now been dead for over a year, but I am intrigued about his EPs. Obviously there's Blissblog, which I read whenever I can. And how funny, we have both negatived-up our blogs at the same time! We're in synch, see. I try to read Impostume, but it can sometimes get a bit tl;dr for my ADHD little head. Unless he's talking about music and namechecking me. Hey..! And if I'm feeling really smart (i.e. never), I'll visit K-Punk and those other dudes for a wake-up call.

You have the blogs down bottom of this one, some of which I click on and some I don't. Some are dead, some are dormant. Dave is interesting. Travis presumably gets out more than me. Dick Hyacinth reads and writes more than me; I wish I shared more within his frame of reference.

But I'm mainly writing this because I happened upon two blogs that are new. To me. I haven't even read a full post by either yet, but who cares; this is largely for my own edification - I don't like forgetting the addresses of blogs I like. So, if you're into grindcore at all (and if not, why not?), here is my associate Lord Davydd Grimm and his blog of awesome underground metal uploads. He gives good header, too. Maybe I should revise mine to match the wallpaper. We also have Grind and Punishment, with their albums of the year. I didn't even know there were ten grind albums released in 2008. Well of course there were, but you know what I mean. I'd better get buying.

I haven't read Dumpin in months, but used to make a habit of it. I don't agree with all their writers, but Mike is a solid dude. It's about rap!

If you have any recommendations, feel free to let me know. Ta. And may nothing but happiness come through your door in the oh-nine.


  1. I often find that happiness only comes through my door when I've popped out to the shops; it then waits around for a bit, maybe reads the packaging on whatever cereal I have in, admires the Arcade Fire posters, but has grown impatient and left by the time I return laden with crisps. But, you know, thanks for the sentiment.



    They 'rock' my 'socks'.

  2. I am incredibly interesting. Sadly I can't muster up the strength to comment on most stuff anymore, and just toss up stuff I've crudely written on my lunch breaks.


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