18 January 2009

Without me you're only you

Yeah, it's something of a mid-blog crisis. My domain name has projected itself into limbo, rendering most links to this place dead. Or dormant. So while I'm in this limbo, I can post, but essentially in silence. So I decide I may as well tinker a bit with the layout. But I think I had it just right before. So now I've besmirched the simplicity that once was, and replaced it with a bloody sidebar and coloured boxes.

Help me out, dear reader: do you have any suggestions for positive tinkerage? (No, I won't accept 'delete it all', which kinda usurps what would otherwise have been the most popular response.) Do you like the new look? Does it make any difference either way? Answers on a postcard or on the back of a sealed envelope. Ta.


  1. I am still reading!

    This new look is a 100x better. Needs a new domain name though. To go back to dot blogspot dot com after a shiny dot eee you would be humiliating for you and the blog.

    How about... DOT BIZ~!

  2. Yeah man, this blogspot bidneth is not a permanent solution in the slightest. I could only do 'dot biz' if I had some porn to sell, and - while beautiful - I hold my body in too high regard to stick online, naked.

    For free, anyway.

    While you're here, click on this (work safe non-sequiteur!).

    P.S. Thanks for the feedback.


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