16 November 2008

Just a minute...

I recently received a vinyl copy of Just a Souvenir, by Squarepusher. That is to say I bought it. It should come as no surprise when I say it is a contender for my album of the year. Fools write it off as 'muzak'. Please let me know exactly which muzak rocks as much as 'Delta-V' or 'Planet Tensor'. Far too many people these days think they are record copany executives, consigning music to the (recycle) bin if they are not immediately enamoured with it. Screw them.

Anyway, that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to mention how thin and flimsy the record itself is. I'm sure Warp records never used to be like that. Not my Big Loada. Nor even recent albums like Mira Calix's Eyes Set Against the Sun or Boards Of Canada's Trans Canada Highway. They were satisfyingly sturdy pieces of work, much like the vinyl pressed for Planet Mu or Hyperdub. I love their records.

Perhaps I am over-reacting. Indeed, I am yet to even give the album a listen in its wax state. Perhaps it sounds fine. I just hope it's not a portent. Credit crunch and all that. Lea was telling me his copy of the new Gang Gang Dance album is similarly unimpressive, so I might order the U.S. pressing in. If there's a difference.


  1. thing with the Gang Gang Dance is that Social Registry are managing the US vinyl. i presume it's Warp all the way with Squarepusher.

    you're right though -- i picked it up in the shop the other day (not to buy it), and it's notably flimsy, and when a label like Punch Drunk can put their singles out on thick, heavy vinyl then fucking Warp can.

  2. Oh yeah, that's what I meant. I'm not buying another version of the Squarepusher. I'll get the GGD from SR and see what I can see.

    P.S. I like the 'not to buy it!' disclaimer.


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