25 June 2008

I Wish I Was Unemployed, part one

So I missed this one due to being at work. I caught the score at lunch and Safin had won the first set. I had a gut feeling he might end up taking the match eventually, but that could just as easily have been the sausage sandwich I had just eaten. Anyway, so much for my excited squealing that Novak Djokovic was going to be the (a) man to fear this Wimbo, on his favourite surface.

To be honest I've been pretty much no-selling week one of Wimbledon, as I do week one of most grand slam events. It's a combination of not too much being on the line at this stage and a massive surfeit of matches going on; I tend to get obsessive about things like this, so when there are a million matches on at once I start to sweat. And it saddens me to announce that David Nalbandian's current streak of being completely rubbish continued unabated the other day. Out in the first round to Frank Dancevic in straight sets. And he doesn't even have his own tag on this blog. Tragic.

Still, Baghdatis is still in there, repping the early 2000s scene. He used to have a right girlfriend.

Tipsarevic Watch: Still in! He beat Thierry Ascione in straight sets (as well he should), and is still in the men's doubles. One round down!

Makiri Watch: Out in the first round? In straight sets?! That makes me sad.


  1. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Good afternoon Mr Silver

    While I don't know how busy you are at work or whether you might constantly have people looking over your shoulder, the BBC Tennis website is showing streaming live footage of a selection of about 5 different matches at any one time. I am watching Nadal vs. Natalie Gulbis as we speak while pretending to do people's tax returns. And I saw almost of all of Safin vs. the Scottish/Irish guy ... Jock O'Vitch. Sorry. It's brilliant.

    I'm looking forward to pretending to work while The Open golf is on, too. I love the BBC.

    Thanks for your music tips - I will definitely get round to checking those out.


  2. Over the shoulder. Then again I got so desperate during the Australian semi finals that I cranked up the BBC stream on the sly. We'll see what happens if one of the top two starts getting slapped around the court.

    And I don't mean Sharapova...


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