18 March 2008


That's right! It's a new Boris album. And a proper one too, not just another collaboration. I mean the collabs are good and all, but you can't beat a good old new Boris album just by them. The last one was, ooh, in late 2005. Americans think Pink was 2006, but they are fools. That said, there was dronevil -final-, but that was a re-jigged version of an earlier release anyway. So this is the first proper Boris album since 2005. It was released at the same time as a 12" single, and here are assorted pics of the two. Exciting!

Not listened to it yet, soz. But I will.


  1. Where the FUCK did you get that? I've been searching like crazy for the past 2 months for that on vinyl.

    Also, its really, really good. There are 4 really, really good tracks, and the rest are pretty awesome as well.

  2. Sadly, Smile is just on stinky CD, and the single on 12". Can be had from here.

    I expect Southern Lord will release it on vinyl in the summer or something.


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