05 December 2006


Lydia LunchSmoke in the Shadows (Atavistic)

A very individual album, from the ever-individual and divine Ms. Lunch, this continues her love for the noir-esque sound. In fact, considering the almost 'Sin City' aesthetic, this would be very much a capturing of the zeitgeist in mid 2005.

Sexy as ever, she purrs threats and narrative over sultry piano and the occasional stab of blazing brass, and it never gets old. Much like peers Jim Thirlwell or Michael Gira, Lydia has her identity down pat and works it perfectly.

Songs like ‘Trick Baby’ push the credibility a tad, but they are at the very least fun digressions from the sleazy main course. Final song ‘Hot Tip’ restores the mood to close, and Smoke in the Shadows is yet another satisfying serving of Lunch.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:36 pm

    it is nice to find another soul out in the ether who shares my affinity for the brilliant Ms. Lunch. I greatly enjoy this CD. thanks for posting your impressions of it.


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