19 September 2006

We had a decent storm last week...

And here are some pics of it. I love the rain so much; the heavier, the better, and this was a grand storm indeed.

I also got some music last week but, as I didn't do too much listening to it, it's going to happen on a future Week In Review. So look out for Mastodon, Mars Volta and probably the new DJ Shadow, which has gorgeous packaging.


  1. loved the storm shots! Well taken man, captured the feeling well. Deliberately avoided the latter sopranos post due to me being a season behind you guys. As for the weekly reviews, keep on keeping on. theyre excellent. You should be doing this stuff for money man. Youve an excellent turn of phrase. The Prie OWGP stream of conscious narration had me in stitches Nogueira gets on top after lots of purple blocks hit the screen. Maybe thats his special move, post anaconda choke etc...Great stuff

  2. "I love the rain so much; the heavier, the better"

    Yes, yes, yes...

    Finally someone who agrees and doesn'twrite me off as a nutter.

    It's me, you and Diego Sanchez.


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