20 August 2005

Cave In

So, have they split up or not?

Their website makes mention of a new album, but it's composed of the songs that have been doing the rounds in demo form for the last few months, and were originally recorded ages ago. Are they done? As time goes on, I find myself appreciating their last album, Antenna, more and more. Is this because the disappointment at nothing being able to follow Jupiter quality-wise has subsided, or because I fear they are done and I should make the most of what I have?

Who knows, but I'm digging their stuff - from 'Crossbearer' to 'Prognosis'.

1 comment:

  1. I just got a message from them on Myspace that says "A full Cave In US Tour Schedule will be announced Friday", so that would seem to indicate they are planning on sticking around for a little longer, at least!


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